Digital Marketing

I see marketing as the act of telling stories about the things we make and do; it is about engaging the consumer with products or services, which have stories – stories that sell and stories that spread. The digital age has shifted the marketplace, as we knew it and today the dynamics of marketing have taught us that if you are not online, you are nobody. That’s why I believe online marketing is essential for every business and chose to work in this field.


Below is my portfolio of Digital Marketing projects I have work on.

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Visual Communication & Design

Visual communication is all about conveying information and ideas through visual aids, like pictures, colours, symbols, video, typography and more. I have always been fascinated with design and aesthetics and what started as a hobby soon became part of my work. Over the years, I managed to combine my studies and work with the design and development of websites, visually stimulating presentations, maps and infographics.


Below are some of the projects I have designed for work and pleasure.

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During my undergraduate years, I worked for the world’s largest student-driven organization. AIESEC develops leadership skills through international internship opportunities, leadership and management positions within the organization and a global learning platform. I was lucky enough to experience all the opportunities AIESEC had to offer me and develop skills once though impossible to me.


Below are the experiences that made me the person I am today.

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